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Self-respect, self-care, knowing when to threaten that you'd walk away, actually walking away, approaching things in a manner that puts you in a positive light are all important.

The downsides of being in that sub is that it is one that actively harbors constant anger, which is good for a short while, but you're supposed to leave once you're successful, otherwise you turn into an inverted but equally cancerous SJW. Another downside is that it exaggerates how much more susceptible women are to these methods, these work great on men as well in all aspects of social life, not just finding someone to fuck.

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^ All these things.

The "toxic" aspects that critics like to highlight are a result of people not actually understanding the core concept (personal responsibility) who get angry when things are not being handed to them

To anyone who actually understands it (and is not a gobshite PuA) the process to self actualised self responsibility is liberating and produces a balanced not angry person

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Which one? The fact that you didn't even mention the argoument show that you are a stupid sheep